One Minute Cinema.

In a world of bad headlines
and digitally 
enhanced influencers,
she broke all the rules.

They thought that she was out
of their league, but they were wrong.




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One Minute Cinema.

In a world of bad headlines and digitally enhanced influencers, she
broke all the rules.

One Minute Cinema.
Fight your foes, boost your
business, show your skills.

One Minute Cinema delivers
your whole story in one minute
(more or less).

Engage and captivate, fast.
Recut for 30 second TV spot or website popup.

Push your project out through social channels. One Minute Cinema, puts you in the picture.

One Minute Cinema.
Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

TV advertising no longer costs the earth, we can get you on air for very reasonable rates.

One Minute Cinema.
Drama or doco style
it all starts with a script.

Be your own talent, star in your
own blockbuster, or let our
team cast it for you.

Don’t take our word for it.
Read Jin Sei Ryu
Karate’s review.

One Minute Cinema came up with the concept and made their vision come alive with a great storyboard and beautiful shots.
They then helped promote our business and brand on social media. As a result of their work, we increased our exposure and visibility. Most importantly, we ended up
with a higher number of enquiries,
appointments for trial classes, and new student registrations.
Ino Macquirang, Jin Sei Ryu, Sydney


One Minute Cinema.
Video Production,
TVC, Digital Marketing,
Creative & Strategy.

No customer too jaded, no budget too small (well almost).
Lights, action camera. And Cut!

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One Minute Cinema.
Our studio.

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