What is Cancer Cruise?

It’s about Fundraising, Family and Fun.
All on the same day in seven states and territories across Australia. Tackling the fundraising with family & friends, enjoying the cruise together on the big day, March 28, 2021.

Drive Thru 82 and One Minute Cinema are filling the seats in our 2001 BMW 325CI and joining the other teams for an enjoyable, relaxed drive to morning tea, then to a final lunch stop and social gathering all in the name of cancer research.

The Cancer Cruise is a 100% kid friendly project. We are family after all. So far we have raised $500.

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Box Rallies have been in partnership with Cancer Council since 2009. The relationship is strong and both groups support each other to provide our participants will all the support needed to fund raise for cancer research. All funds raised go directly to Cancer Council.

The Cause

Box Rallies Fund Outstanding Cancer Research Projects Nationally, with $58,346 raised this year alone.

  • Box Rallies Fund Outstanding Cancer Research Projects Nationally
  • The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is the pinnacle for vital funding for ground-breaking cancer research projects, but their budget only goes so far.
  • The cancer researchers who miss out get another chance at funding via Cancer Council grants. The impact of these projects has been felt right across Australia with many of the grants made possible by Box Rallies funding.
  • For the first time, Box Rallies funds the next highest ranked grants after the NHMRC. This means that Box Rallies will fund some of the most exciting cancer research projects across the country – with the highest potential to significantly impact those affected by cancer.

The grants assessed during the application process will be awarded in March with Cancer Council continuing to manage the overall funding process.


About Drive Thru 82

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