One Minute Cinema have created campaigns for a wide variety of brands and businesses. We offer the ability to adapt to any campaign requirement. Ideas, design, creative, strategy. We are a flexible crew with vast experience. 


Wide Open Media have been creating digital, print and promotional materials for Logans for several years. When we started our One Minute Cinema  studio, Logan Insurance were one of our first clients and we added video to their marketing mix. Normally we shoot video in our Ultimo studio and then add footage, audio and titles.

Covid-19 changed everything. We needed a contact free workflow.


Iso process begins

Luckily we had pre-recorded intro screens and audio, but we would usually get additional voiceover recorded in our studio for each new monthly video. Scratching our heads we experimented with using voice memos on smartphones. The result was OK but picked there was a tendency to pick up additional background noise. Lightbulb moment!

The car studio

Use the car. An empty car with the doors closed (and nobody else in it) makes a very passable sound studio. Set up and record to voice memos without additional sounds, or interruptions from the co-isolated.

Files uploaded

Once the client had recorded the audio we sent instructions how to export it to us. Then we added the voiceover to the compilation of footage and created a video designed to explain the implications of Covid-19 on business insurance . It outlined what policyholder’s were covered for and what they were not.


The reception to the Logan video, EDM and website blogpost was overwhelmingly positive. Nobody else had collated the insurance coverage information and posted it previously. 

Contact Free

We managed the distribution on Logan’s social and vimeo channels and wrote and updated the Logan blog. All of this was achieved contact-free, without compromising the end product.

1. You don’t need a fancy camera

You don’t need a fancy camera, your phone is absolutely enough. The great thing about your phone is that if you’re in a poorly lit environment, it will detect where your face is and bring you out in the frame. 

2. As long as your sound is good

As long as your sound is good, you will be able get your message across.
If you can see what’s happening on screen because of good lighting, even better. You’ve nailed it. Five stars.

3. Always film in landscape

It’s always best to film in landscape, otherwise you end up with blank space around the video.

4. The trick with lighting

The trick with lighting is to put the camera in front of a light source – like a window or a lamp. When you have light behind you, it tends to silhouette your face.

5. Transfer the files

Once you have recorded your isolation video and audio we will give you instructions on how to transfer the files to our editor. Then we can add additional scenes, music and graphics and prepare the files for upload to your website and social channels.

Keep your customers engaged

Keep your clients and customers engaged during Covid-19 lockdown. Tell them what’s happening in your business and how you are facing up to the challenges. Let them know about any legislation changes that may affect your relationship with them.

See our iso-marketing process

One Minute Cinema have recently completed a number of campaigns using our isolation Marketing process. Contact us for more info on how we can assist you.

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