Your phone is absolutely enough. The great thing about your phone is that if you’re in a poorly lit environment, it will detect where your face is and bring you out in the frame. It’s always best to film in landscape, otherwise you end up with blank space around the video.

Here’s our full process

Drive Thru 82 combines the resources and talents of Wide Open Media, Sirius Productions and MorCreative. Together we design strategy and marketing materials for a wide range of clients and brands. We have a sound and vision studio with parking and easy access in Ultimo, Sydney. We have recently added video and audio assets recorded in isolation to our creative and production process. The good news is that it works!

Keep your brand alive

We are here to help you with your Isolation Marketing process. Using just your your smartphone, we’ll cover recording video, audio and how to transfer the files. Then our editor can add music, title graphics and additional scenes and prepare for upload to your website and social channels.

Call us (02) 9119 8733 or 0419 225 348 otherwise, email us.